Route the different call of my company offices

Hello Guys,

My company has different office around the world. Actually we are dealing with one Wholesale VOIP Provider to route our call via VOIP

I’m actually working on a project which aims to route the call via many Wholesale VOIP Provider (ISP). The idea is to route the call via the appropriate ISP based on the route cost and the QOS . (Refer to below picture)

Do you think we could save on communication fees based on the fact that we would dynamically route the calls to the lower cost ISP (real time)?

Technically speaking, my idea is to use a Server Proxy + Asterix. What are your recommandations. Any kind of idea is welcom

Best Regards

If you want to save on your office communication costs, why don’t you just put Asterisk server in each branch office and connect them up with SIP Trunks? If the branch offices are small, you can use a single Asterisk server for multiple branch offices.

About least call routing to different providers - usually this is a good idea and Asterisk definitly can do it. For the payoff, you will have to do the math by yourself.