Issue with Routing calls in no answer or busy

Ok so i don’t know if this is possible but what i need is this.

Incoming call Ring Ring No Answer… {Message Press 0 to leave a voicemail or hold on to return to reception}

Is this possible? If so please can i get a guide on how to implement this to 200 ext numbers?

It is possible. This falls into “very eazy to do” category of Asterisk Dialplan scripting.

I suggest you start reading:

It’s also included in the sample configuration file.

Thank you very much glad to hear its very easy. I’ll start reading that ASAP.

Sorry i am very new too PABX and these forums.

Thank you for the help!

Being new is not a problem. Not wanting do the the work to get a new knowledge is. Luckily you are not afraid of doing some work to get the desired setup working :wink:.

Do some reading, start writing the dialplan and ask when you hit a problem. We are always happy to answer constructive questions :wink: