Need to poll extension status

I need to get the real time status (in call, trunk, caller id etc) of the extensions on my system. Want to export to another server. I want to use queries and get the data out. Any thoughts, pointers, threads, documentation?


I run agi script throughout out my calls to keep track of everything. The system dumps all info in to a MySQL db.

is it possible you could share some examples with me? this is for inhouse use integrating with my other inhouse software.

What does your dialplan look like ? Basically I have throughout my system:

Exten => _X.,n,Set(call_location=X)
Exten => _X.,n,AGI(update_call_location.agi)

The first one sets the status (based on where the call is) and the second runs an agi of mine that updates the db.

OK, I think I get the idea, now I just need to setup agi scripts. My dial plans are fairly simple right now, adding the agi calls shouldn’t be much trouble, the agi scripts may give me some headaches but I will try. THX dovid

PM me for them (only way I will remember to send em).