Create extension via AGI API

is it possible to create extension in sip.config and iax2.config
using AGI API ? if yes how? what functions to use? any examples?

also is it possible to create , extensions and dial plans using AGI API , like completely control Asterisk server remotely via API



I could be wrong, but I dont think extensions can be created via AGI. The way I see it, AGI is called *from" an extension. Maybe you could doa a catch-all(_X. or s), then go from here to an AGI, and in your AGI work on ${EXTEN}.

If you want extensions to be created (with out reloading Asteisk), use Realtime, and just add extensions into Mysql (extensions_table) and asteisk will do a lookup and find it.


Yes RealTime is really cool !
I will be testing it in comming weeks :smile:

I think i can control every aspect of asterisk from a remote machine

Thanks yusuf