Need to handraise to be work in a conference call

Hi all,

When 10 people in a conference, admin user can speak and normal user can listen with startmuted=yes.

If any one is having question they have to handraise and admin has to unmute that user.

Need to handraise to be work in a conference call.

I am not getting dtmf value when normal call is running but getting dtmf value once I use Background application.

Getting dtmf value in " rtp set debug on ". Please find the below debug logs.

e[0KSent RTP DTMF packet to (type 101, seq 018621, ts 359048, len 000004)

Please help me on this.


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How exactly are you planning to implement this and see the DTMF?


I am planning to do conferencing with 10 people, 1 admin user and remaining are normal users.

By default all normal users will be in mute.

I am using ConfBridge application for this. It’s working till here.

If any normal user want to speak, that user has to hand raise using keypad by pressing 0.

Once normal user presses 0, we need to get notification that some one is trying to speak then admin user has to check is that required or not. If required admin user has to unmute that user and once that user finish speaking then admin user has to mute that normal user.

I didn’t have any idea how to get that notification.


ConfBridge allows you to have custom menu options[1] which includes the ability to execute a dialplan application. This would provide the foundation to do such a thing, but it’s up to you to put the pieces together.



Thank you for the information.

dialplan_exec() is an easy way, other would be using AMI DTMF event but this is a more complicated method


Thank you,

I used dialplan_exec(), when participant presses 0. It is going to the dialplan but how can I get that DTMF value.

Please suggest

Define “how can I get that DTMF value”. Do you mean how do you notify the admin? If so - that’s up to you.


I am the beginner for this confbridge.

I don’t know how to notify the admin when participant presses a digit.

Please suggest how to notify the admin when any participant presses a digit.


Issue here is not suggest a notification method, the issue here is how you will implement the suggested method if you’re just a beginner


I have a scenario where leader is giving a lecture and other participants are on mute…
At the end of conf , when Q&A session begins is there a way for participants to raise hands if they have questions so Leader can unmute them. Is this feature there in Confbridge or Meetme conf ?

If there then how can i implement this.


You haven’t say how you want to notify the admin, I guess the best way would be outside the phone using AMI to notify the admin and also AMI’s actions ConfbridgeMute and ConfbridgeUnmute

Any functionality as such would be configurable in confbridge.conf, as it’s not documented it doesn’t exist.