Need to bridge an E1 to another, and pass ANI/DNIS. any one?


We have a PBX receiving an E1 (Nortel M1), the thing is we need to give a message for all incoming calls, and can’t do it on an extension of the Meridian because we need the DID calls to go directly to their destination.

So I’m planning to set up an asterisk and collect the calls on one E1, prompt the caller with the message and then route the calls through a second E1 to the Nortel PBX, keeping the DID/ANI information and hence being transparent to the Nortel PBX.

anyone done it?,

anyone think it is not possible for some reason? please share your thoughts before I got far too deep to back out.

Sounds doable some info on interfacing with Nortel here … ntegration

thanks Rusty

The information you point out is very interesting, I had seen it before parcially, but is very good to see it on a single place altogether, with new stuff too.

However coming back to the main subject, it sounds doable to me too, but wonder if I would lost the ANI/DNIS info in the way of bridging the calls, It shouldn’t be, shoud it?.

I’d also like to have other opinions in order to know wether to start on such endeavour or not.


I dont forsee any problems lossing ANI/DNIS info. But as seems to be the norm when implementing New equipment there is always something that seems to come up. I have never used any Nortel PBX equipment so maybe someone else can comment on that.
You may decide once you start playing with asterisk you dont need the Nortel anymore :laughing:

You’re right I would have thrown away that nortel ages ago, the thing is they have a call center with an integration to Genesis and other stuff on it, (spent big bucks on it, but can’t notify their callers that their call is being recorded ???),

so Im planning to setup a machine on the incoming E1 that connects with one E1 to the PSTN and the other to the Nortel, so I can play the prompt and send the call to the Nortel as if it was an incoming call.

So the nortel won’t even notice the call was picked up before arriving.