Need help with oh323

Friends I have put in a couple of days into this project. I just want to be able to forward my calls to another IP address via H323 and I’m succeding but it rings once and hungup then I get the following.

Gatekeeper could not find user [3 - No route to destination])

[general] = asterisk box
port = 1720

exten => _Z.,1,Dial(OH323/fowarding IP address/${EXTEN},50)

I also get constant “Retrying Gatekeeper registration”

I’m using oh323. asterisk 1.2.16
I don’t even need incoming, just outgoing to this IP

Need your help on this one because I’m so close…I can hear it ringing, but but I want to hear it more than just onece.


Looks like unsuccessful registration.

Really, you think? Duh…