1.6.2beta, ooh323c (and h323 too) problems


I never used h323 with asterisk before, so this is novice problems.

I installed 1.6.2 beta and compiled h323 and and ooh323c channels.

First I tried h323:
Machine has 2 interfaces- and is iscsi interface machine boots from, so I need h323 be registered in gatekeeper (gnugk) with
But it registeres with 19.19 or 22.19 even if bindaddr =

If it is registered with 22.19 - then incoming (to asterisk) call pass, but no sound.

So, then I installed ooh323c.
Inbound calls work OK.

But I have problem with outbound calls:
I have following in extensions.conf:
exten => _7xxx,1,Dial(OOH323/${EXTEN})

then I call:

– Executing [7160@default:1] Dial(“SIP/6073-09dbdce8”, “OOH323/7160”) in new stack
– Called 7160
– No one is available to answer at this time (1:0/0/0)

In gnugk I see than called number was 716, not 7160!

The same I see in h323 (asterisk) log:

09:42:30:820 destinationAddress = {
09:42:30:820 elem[0] = {
09:42:30:820 dialedDigits = {
09:42:30:820 "716"
09:42:30:821 }
09:42:30:821 }

If I try to add digit at the end of number , for instance, 71601, then I get 716 (3 digits) anyway.

Where can be problem?

Thank you!

problem in ooh323c is in
function static struct ast_channel *ooh323_request
string 458

ast_copy_string(tmp, data, sizeof(data));

is WRONG because size of pointer is not size of string.

right code, imho:

ast_copy_string(tmp, data, strlen(data)+1);

at least it works for me;-)