Need help with call center

hi all ,
i wish to help me with call center installed on elastix ,

i want elastix to call 10 numbers and let customers hear a pre-recorded sound file

i know this is not 100% asterisk , but sure that i will find help here

any suggestion ???


Google, there are several how to’s to do that. Also check in the elastic forum iirc there is topic about that.

Do you only need to play a message (as in telecasting) or you also need to connect them to an agent?

i only want to let elastix call list of number and when customer reply the call , i want to let him hear a prerecorded sound.

thats only what i need

thanks alot

In this case you should try the free version of Wombat (and make sure you comply with your local law on telemarketing) :wink:

if you have few bucks than search for kolmisoft