Need Help - What is the minimum version of Linux needed?

Howdy folks -

I need to know what is the minimum version of Linux needed to run Asterisk 17.x?

Also - What is the newest version of Linux that Asterisk 17.x has been tested as stable on?

I have a legacy set up (Asterisk v 1.8) that is way out of date, and need to upgrade it to at least v12, but prefer v16 +.

My linux platform is not any better, so that has to be upgraded as well…

The policy for supported platforms is on the wiki[1]. Essentially any non-EOL Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, etc.


Thanks… the wiki was light on details - other than older versions of Asterisk may not decompile correctly on newer Linux versions - with no further context. I realize this may not even be a thought to some people, however my Linux version is 2.6 which went EOL in February 2016. I want to ensure that if I upgrade to a newer version, I am not going to run into issues.

“Linux” isn’t a distribution. It’s a kernel, which is minor in the grand scheme of things. It has little if any impact on Asterisk itself, unless you are using physical hardware which uses DAHDI. The distribution is what matters.

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