Need help understanding this statement

Hello. I’m using a sip DID to communicate and my termination is IAX2. Using the CLI to see how everything is running I found this statement.

-- IAX2/ is making progress passing it to SIP/

– IAX2/ answered SIP/
– Hungup ‘IAX2/’

Being new I don’t know if this means that once the IAX answers it passes the call to the sip and the communication is being made via sip instead of IAX. I would like to communicate via IAX. If this is case how can I use IAX only will I have to get an IAX DID.?

Thanks in advance.

I dont know if this is what you looking for but:

thera are 2 legs to this call; SIP and IAX. The call comes in SIP, and goes out IAX. Asterisk converts from the SIP to IAX and vice versa. So Asterisk is talking both IAX and SIP during this call, as it sits in the middle of the call, transcoding between protocols. To have only IAX, yes, you would get an IAX DID

Thank you yusuf, that’s what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

also just to tack on- ‘is making progress, passing it to’ refers to ‘early audio’ or a call progress tone. AKA, ringing. It means that one side is giving an audio ringing signal of some kind and we are passing it along.

Thank you sir, nice to hear from you.

Thanks for the reply. With this information between yourself and yusuf it makes perfect sense as I listen to the call and watch over the CLI.

Thank you both.