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If my understading is correct, with sip the server is mainly used to “create” the connection between the two peers. Does IAX act in the same way, or is the sever in the middle of it all? Any external links and/or diagrams/documentation would be appreciated.

Hi, I’ve been wondering the same thing. According to my tests, the IAX server allways stands in the middle. Have you figured this out?


you could go read the specs for the 2 protocols. With SIP, it depends on how you have reinvites set as well as what features you are using in asterisk. If you have enabled transfers, call recording, etc. then Asterisk must stay in the media stream to detect the initiation of these features so it will not initiate reinvites even if you have enabled them on the channels. I haven’t looked at the IAX2 protocol in that much detail, so I cant comment there.


If you are connecting two IAX devices through a third middle-man IAX device, the call will re-route itself to connect just the two end parties removing the middle-man server.

There are some circumstances where this will be prevented from happening, but we have used multi-server IAX transfers for about 2 years now and it is wonderful. We have a central server routing these calls and passing them off to other servers leaving it with low load so that it can handle more call routing and be the single registration point for our IAX phones.