Extensions.conf, voicemail and hunt-groups

I am running my first installation. Asterisk looks great! Manages to call in and out and have also managed to route a call to voicemail if not answered.

Have 3 things (at the moment) I cant make work:

How do the users call into the voicemail to change their welcome message and to listen to messages? The best would be if they call their own number from their own phone.

Is it possible to make a incoming call to ring on 2 og 3 separate extensions at the same time. And… can these extensions show the group number and not their owe ext number when they call out?

Call forwarding. When a user is forwarding his phone for example to his mobile phone our main number is displayed when the call reaches his mobile. We want his direct dial number to show instead…

Most grateful to any help!

Ole E. :laughing:

  1. Just use the VoiceMailMain() command to call voicemail, change greetings, retreive and send messages.

In extensions.conf

exten => 123,1,Wait(1)
exten => 123,2,VoiceMailMain
exten => 123,3,Hangup

  1. Yes! Instead of directing a call to a single station, just call all at once.

Here’s how I do it.

In the [globals] section of extensions.conf:



Then where you build extensions: (assume you direct calls to extension 55 and your station extensions are 31,32, and 33 as above)

exten => 55,1,Dial(${PHONES},30,t)
exten => 55,2,Voicemail(u55) <---- the 55 is the “groups” mailbox and would play the unavailable greeting
exten => 55,3,Hangup
exten => 55,102,Voicemail(b55) <---- the 55 is the “groups” mailbox and would play the busy greeting
exten => 55,103,Hangup

As far as showing callerID outside or anything like that, you can set the callerID in the sip.conf to be anything you want. But, you will need some sort of ISDN (presumably PRI) to carry the info.

Hm that works but gets a little unmanageable if you’ve got more that say two or three users across each group. I use call queues to achieve the same effect. We have a call q of main which has 8 extensions in it, and then calls that come into our office get delivered to this q. In addition our finance team of 3 sit in a different q. Our main q is open 8-7 but finance 9-5 so outside finance team hours, calls to that DDI drop into the main q.

All quite easy through externsions.conf and queues.conf. Happy to post if you want the config (details in the office)

Thanks for replies!

  1. Now I can call the voicemail but then the DTMF signalling does’nt work. Have tried to call an external service that also requires DTMF, there the signalling works fine so I assume the problem is only while dialling the voicemail.

  2. have made the groupcall work with the following :
    exten => 100,1, Dial,sip/100&sip/101/s|15
    seems to work ok.

  3. I You call one of our direct dial number and the phone at the extension is forwarded to a mobile our user is supposed to see his own direct dial number and not our main number in the display at his mobile. When one places an ordinary call from one of our extensions the number displays correctly. This is important to know which extension who is supposed to pay for the forwarded call.