Need help my thesis project

good day sir/maam! I am John joseph del Prado from the small island of the philippines. I am presently taking network administration and on my second year. Net-ad is two year vocational course being offered in our school. i am on graduating this march. one of the requirements of a being able to graduate is to xubmit a thesis, and i am very interested in taking asterisk as my thesis project. as you well know the Philippines is a third world country and technologyon support on this part of asia is very little, but inspite of this i still want to pursue my asterisk project. I will be very grateful if you can provide me with free step step by step tutorial books, pdf or whatsover references i that can help my thesis. I have already installed fedora core 3 in my desktop computer but it is having problem with my modem. my modem driver support only 2.4 kernels and FC 3 has 2.6 kernels. maybe i can reformat my hard disk and switch to Red Hat 8 and hopefully it can detect my modem and finally install asterisk, then probably i can start my thesis. so please help me with my problem and do send me an asterisk tutorial. Thank you and MABUHAY! (long live).