Astrisk as BS Project Help Needed

Hi Guys This is my First Post to this Forum.
Let me Introduce my self First.I have done Electrical Engineering(Project Pending) beside my CCNP.
The Problem in Hand is that I want to implement Asterisk as my Final BSEE Project in LAB with DANCOM Switches.
I have Discussed Several Times with my Project Co-ordinator the Scope of the VOIP for Medium Level Business and its Implementation atleast at the University Level.
I told him that this project covers a VAST Field from Linux to QoS but the Co-ordinator is not Convinced says its just an ASSEMBLING and Software based Project which every one can do with a small Knowledge.
Now i Want a Formal Project Proposal (Charter or whatever you call it).So that i could Properly Shape it into a Formal Project.Waiting for you Guys for atleast help me in preparing that Proposal.
Thanx in Advance