Need help identifying fxo card

Hello, is there a command that will list or recognize the fxo card in the system? and if there is, what is the command line.

I also nee to know if it’s an asterisk command or linux command. Being new to both I’ll need specifics.

I’m using fedora and asterisk 1.09


Are you trying to verify the card was installed?

Yes, if the card is installed, how do I verify the system recognizes the card?

have you tried lspci yet ? what card is it ?

Hey, thanks for the asnwer, I have order x100p clone, meanwhile I want to use a pci modem for testing until I get my card. I was told already it may not work but there is not much I can do until i get my card. Thanks again.

The code you sent me, is it to be used w/asterisk at the CLI prompt or linux command?

that’s a *nix command line … will show you all the PCI devices found.

i doubt your PCI modem will work :smiley: