Need Help for Asterisk Project


I just got a new project from my company which need to setup an Asterisk server using analog card and then link it to CRM portal so that when they want to receive or call someone, they just need to use headphone and then dial the number at the CRM portal. They need 4 users to use this system.

They gave me a Digium Analog card (model 1A4A02F) with 4x ports, 4x FXO modules and without echo cancellation. They just gave me the card and all others support I need to figure it all by myself.

As an intern, I really new in Asterisk and yes I did read quite a lot regarding to Asterisk but still a bit confusing on certain part. My questions are;

1-Is the card has everything that I need to successfully completed the project? Because I suggested the card to be used for this project and just afraid if it not suitable.

2-And my important question is which cable do I need to connect to the card? Is it just simply disconnect any phone that use RJ11 and then connect to the card? (My company already has another configured Asterisk to receive and call using hardphone)

Really need help on this.


If this is a current commercial card, you should get support for things like the cable from Digium commercial support, not the community. Also the suitability of the card is something you need to take up with them.

I’m not sure I sufficiently understand your intended configuration to be sure of the suitability, myself.

The card is just an interface, it doesn’t have any logic, it just serves a POTS line to asterisk.
Now you need to build asterisk and from there to connect asterisk with the crm.
For the users to be able to dial through asterisk from the crm you have to check with your crm supplier.
If the crm doesn’t support it then you cannot do anything.