Need help....error:Client Request Object: Unable to Initiali

hi gurus,

any idea what is causing the error below on one of our asterisks?

This log doesn’t appear to have come from Asterisk (it looks to have come from some other software, that is using AMI). As such, the socket error appears to be local to that software. Even if the problem is with Asterisk, you need to provide a lot more information.

For future reference, it is generally easier to work with text than images. Your terminal program should provide a mechanism to capture text and it is likely that the software you are using writes a text log file. Also note that JPEG is rarely a good format for screen grabs. PNG always gives a sharper image and usually gives a smaller file, as long as you never have any intermediate file in JPEG form. (This may not be the case if you actually have to photograph a screen, but that is rarely needed.)

Also, this forum is for discussions. For support, use one with Support in its name.

Sounds like Asterisk-Java? If so, asking them may be a better path forward as they’re familiar with their own error messages.