Need help, Asterisk is not hearing any key input

I have installed Asterisk on redhat EL4 using a Digium TE410P card for my PRI. Everything seems installed OK, Zaptel, libpri, Festival ,and Asterisk. I call in fine and Festival does the intro mesage. But Asterisk is not hearing or responding to any key entryies to go to other extensions.
I see no action in the verbose CLI when I press keys. I’ve tried varoius methods of extensions.conf always with the same result.

It may be related, but I also never hear any ring before Asterisk picks up the call.

This is probably something simple, but where should I look first?


What phone are your using? - I had a very similar problem which I fixed

I found the problem, it being me being a noob.
The solution for me was knowing to use BackGround(silence/2) in extensions.conf where ever I need DTMF.

I read a lot of * documentation but somehow I missed that one!