Fxo + ATA?

I’m looking for a device that could connect directly the telephone line with ethernet. Like an ATA, but instead of joining an analog phone, it would join a telephone line. Like directly from the wall to the ATA. Don’t know if i’m expressing myself quite right :s
any help would be appreciated!

Sipura SPA 3000 is one of the better ATA’s of this sort. It has one FXO port and one FXS port so you can connect to a POTS line and if you want also have an analog pone connected as an extension. (or don’t use it if you don’t need that). The FXS and FXO can be completely independent or you can program the ATA to bridge them under certain circumstances. (Execept for power outage, where the FXO and FXS will always be bridged by an internal relay).


thanks! i will look into that!