Need a suggestion for voice speech recognition solution

I need an information about a possible solution for replacement of our old Speech Recognition System.

The function that it currently performs is described in an example below:

  1. User dials the number ####
  2. The system asking : Please say the name
  3. User says a name
  4. The system provides the extention of required name and dials the extention.

Our phone system is Alcatel based. The requirement for a Speech recognition is around 2000 entries.
The main goal is to replace an old system based on Wnidows 2000 (12 phone ports) but still working fine with a reliable and cost effective solution.

What components (software and hardware) should be in place for accomplishing the above scenario?
I guess dialer part could be done by Asterisk. What about actual Speech recognition?
We got a quotation from one supplier… it’s really crazy price :smile:
So looking for a realistic solution.



Speech Recognition is expensive, take a look on: … o-asr.html

And google for others. There are opensources projects like sphinx.

thanks for the tips.
I accessed first site. Second is on Spanish or Portuguese that is a problem for me :smile:

May be somebody can provide the components needing to built the system asked in initial post - hardware and software.

You can use too the Google speech API. I developed something similar of what you described above using this API and it is working fine.

Its not recommendable to use the API engine to sell or use in production servers, If you read carefully you are incurring in a violation of TOS also the google engine is not intended to commercial use since you aren’t paying license fees, and don’t be surprised if in the future google apply charges for violating their code. Besides that the I guess the API is limited to few minutes.

Honestly you got the reason navaismo ,And that is good point to take under consideration. but if someone would like to give a try with the Google API , i absolutely recommended under his own risk.

Please take a look at We provide quality ASR at very reasonable pricing.