My asterisk installation failed

I’m new to asterisk and both linux but I decided to go on board and believe I could succeed bu things are not working as I expected. I need someone willing to help me to start.
I’m using fedora11 so after after compiling zaptel i got the following when trying to run it:ztcfg not executable.
The same error happened when I used both version of asterisk- and asterisk-1.4. and when trying to run asterisk I’m getting this error :/usr/sbin/asterisk not found.Please help get out of this mess. this is my first time and I’m confused and don’t really know what to do?

Do you installed by root? When executes the commands you doit by root or another user?

I run all command as root

Try with the YUM repo:

If you correctly compile zaptel, when you run the ztcfg-vvv, it will correctly show channel。So ,i suspect that you zaptel has some issue,please check it .