MWI Delay - voicemails come in an hour late


A voice mail is left, but it can take an hour for the message waiting light to light up on the polycom phone.

A post titled “MWI Delay” was posted in 2007, but it is not reachable through the search box, only google. Also, when attempting to post on the page to bump it, it doesn’t seem to work, and redirects back to the forum index. … 09&start=0

version of Asterisk?

I’m running and have seen this. My limited search lead me to believe that there was some issues in the code that were addressed in a later revision. I haven’t jumped migrated to a newer version due to a time and testing need. My last attempt at going to, introduced a problem for me with the directed call pickups and my Aastra phones.

On thing that is supposed to help, is that you can set it to poll the mailboxes with a frequency…of course this is a work around. If the event doesn’t get sent to turn on the MWI when the message is left, your waiting for the pollmailboxes to notice and send the MWI.


pollmailboxes = yes
pollfreq = 20