Music on hold

Hi everybody,
Here is my problem:
I want to play a long message (about 3 minutes) while a ring group is ringing…

I’ve tried using the option “m” in the ring group but Music on Hold function play the file from the last point that it have been stopped…so
the first time it goes well but if the call is stopped, for example, at 1:34 the second call that call the ring group will hear the message from 1:34…

do you have any ideas??


come on guys!
no ideas or suggestions??

What’s a ring group? I presume it is an abstraction created by one of the GUIs. Which GUI?

You are right… I’m running Asterisk 1.2.30 with AMP.
In the options of the ring group if I put “m” it plays the mp3s that I’ve uploaded in the menu “music on Hold”.
It use “madplay” to play the mp3s.
If you have more questions to ask to help understand the problem don’t esitate to ask.