Music on hold problem[SOLVED]

I setuping a new asterisk server on a Fedora core 5 box.
And im haing a problem i never got before … The music on hold is to loud. Is there a way to set to volume???
My musiconhold.conf file :


I really need some help on this … this server most be done by next week.
Thanks !

no way to set the volume, it’s a common complaint.

just use sox and the -v flag (or the equivalent windows program) to cut the amplitude to 50% or 33% of the original, save, and reupload.

i cut the stock MOH files down to 33% amplitude - they sound perfect now. took all of three minutes.

Thanks for your awnser ,
I did what you told me like this :

But i still have the same problem!

Never mind i just changed the -v 12 for -v 4 and now its good