Developers: A good idea to MusicOnHold

Hi! Sometimes when we are installing Asterisk, we need to configure MOH using a wav file.
Sometimes the Wav files are in one of this cases:

  1. The Wav file is very poor and lower volume.
  2. The Wav file is very good but have a very Hight volume.

My Idea:
Asterisk Developers need to create an option in the file; musiconhold.conf
This option will set the volume lower or high. Check the example of my idea:

As we know, a native configuration of MOH maybe looks like this:

[moh] mode=files directory=/home/default sort=random

Using my idea, the configuration will be:

[moh] mode=files directory=/home/default sort=random volume=5.5 ;<--- Check this little tricky jeje

Well, if Asterisk developers make that option, I need the credits for that: Manuel Nin.

Asterisk developers don’t read these forums.

Adjusting the level, once and for all, with offline tools is so easy that doing it online every time doesn’t seem worth the effort.

I agree with David. Use sox, so you get the volume of the recordings right in the first place, so Asterisk needs only to play the sound files.

sox offers an option called --norm to normalize the audio. So it is very easy to insert it into your audio pipeline.