Music On Hold Not Working

I have the Asterisk server working with my new phone but for some reason the muisic-on-hold does not work.

I’m running FreeBSD (not Linux). The CLI console says:

– Music class default requested but no musiconhold loaded.

I’m not really up on this so could someone tell me what this means?

Sorry gang,

I found it. The modules file had the noload musiconhold line uncommented. There were several error messages like this when I reloaded Asterisk:

Request to schedule in the past…

Can anyone tell me what this means?

It’s working but man is it choppy. Whether I connect two phones on my LAN or two phones that are on different providers. This is one choppy set of tunes.

They tell me that mpg123 is the cause of this. Is there some other method I can use as this will just not do at all.