Multiple TDM400 cards in one box?

Reading the free book Asterisk:TFOT, I understand that having multiple Digium cards in one PC is not a good thing. I will need two cards, one with 4 FXO ports and another with 1FXO for a total of five lines. Or maybe someone can suggest another card to buy? I’m purchasing within the week.


its not THAT bad to have more than one, you just dont want to put like 4 or 5. You should be fine.

Alternatively, try a sangoma a200 series… it uses a little riser board so several cards can only use one pci slot and thus one irq.

Two questions:

  1. How difficult compared to the Digium cards are Sangoma cards to set up.
  2. Can I add in FXO/FXS modules as the system grows? For instance, buy the card with only one FXO port now and then upgrade when we add more phone lines?
  1. i havent actually used them personally so i can’t really comment.

  2. i don’t see why not. the pci card has another edge connector in the back, to which you attach the riser card. Additional modules connect to that, NOT the pci slot. You add ports in groups of 2, mix and match fxo/fxs by group as you see fit.

Can also get a Digium TDM2400P and add FXS/FXO modules as you grow and it goes up to 24 ports.

True, but I dont want to spend that kind of money.

I’ve done exactly that.

Just recently I purchased an A2004D and added another four ports 2 weeks later. It worked flawlessly.