Registration failed

I’m using a fairly recent CVS Head version of asterisk. I seem to have a persistent problem where, when i check SIP registry, all my SIP peers come up with State = Failed.

The iax2 peers are registered ok.

It’s a serious problem as i can’t receive incoming calls while the registration is failed and i have to keep checking it all the time.

Has anyone got any suggestions about why this is happening or what i can do about it?

send the sip.conf
and the settings on ur sip phone then maybe we can get started

It’s not a phone that i have the problem with, it’s my ITSPs’ SIP servers.

I’ll post parts of sip.conf when i get a chance, but this problem has only started happening recently - with the last two CVS HEAD versions i’ve upgraded to. It never happened before that. That could be co-incidence, of course, but i don’t think so.