Multiple sip accounts with the same user name in realtime?


As per my knowledge, we can create different call rules for different contexts in extensions table in Asterisk real time. But, we have to create all SIP user accounts in sip users table. But, how to create multiple SIP accounts with the same user name in Asterisk real time?

Thanks in advance.


As for database, I hope theres’s no problem to insert any number of lines with the same fields.

As for Asterisk, I’m not sure that it’s traditional SIP stack will like it.

If I remember, the new SIP stack - PJSIP - can handle multiple registrations with the same credentials. It’s available as an alternative to the old channel driver since 12.

Check this please … nel+driver

I think that’s it: … lecontacts

Thank you for your response. I will do some research and experiments with pjsip and will get back to you.