Multiple simultaneous Outbound calls with Originate Action

Hi All

I know I can initiate multiple simultaneous outbound calls at one time in the dialplan using something like:

exten => _888,1,PJSIP/12345@myEP&PJSIP/67890@myEP,180,r

Can I do something similar using Originate Action?

I have tried setting Channel in the Originate Action request to:


and I also tried PJSIP/12345@myEP|PJSIP/67890@myEP (just in case)

but I just get the error - unable to create PJSIP channel - endpoint myEP&PJSIP was not found

Is this something that is possible?



Originate does not directly allow specifying multiple. You can only dial one. You would need to use a Local channel to send it into the dialplan which then uses Dial() to call.

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Thanks jcolp, much appreciated!