AMI Originate and simultaneously ringing on all own registered channels

I have 2 SIP phones for 1 person. Both phones have 1 extention (for example 101) and both phones are active and simultaneously registered with the same extention 101 (as supported in PJSIP).

Then I make outgoing call via AMI and Originate action, for example:
Action: Originate
ActionID: {E5A7D8E3-E2BE-4611-9773-AE891CC3FA67}
Channel: PJSIP/101
Exten: 8123456789
Context: from-internal
Priority: 1
RetryTime: 20
Async: true
Callerid: User101

I am waiting that 2 phones will ring simultaneously, then I pick up one of them and connect with outgoing number 8123456789. But only one phone is ringing, probably the phone that was last registered in Asterisk server.

How to make all my registered phones ring after AMI Originate action?

You would need to use a Local channel to call into the dialplan, that would then use the PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS method for dialing all registered devices.

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