Multiple Records in CDR with same Unique ID

I had a glitch recently w/ Asterisk 13 which caused multiple UniqueID’s with the same information to be created in the CDR, switching back to Asterisk 11 fixed that issue.But, as I delved into removing the unneeded data (, I noticed that I am still getting some random inserts with the same unique ID. For instance, today I am showing 2 entry’s with the same UniqueID, but with different data.

What is going on, can I make UniqueID a primary key/andor/ should I do that?

Here is an example query:

Normal behaviour. The unique ID id a unique ID for the channel, not the CDR. Some scenarios an result in multiple CDRs for a channel. Basically you should not use unique ID as a primary key for CDRs, because its a candidate key for a different entity.