CDR Multiple Disposition With The Same UniqueID Problem

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I’m new to asterisk and currently i’m using Asterisk 16, I have a problem with CDR uniqueid. for example: there is 2 agents with different extension and they are in the same queue when the first agent reject the calls and then the next agent answered the call - I get the same uniqueID in the CDR for both extensions.

Actually I need those both extension got different uniqueid so I can differentiate it because they have different disposition. Please let me know how to achive that ? is it doable ? please see the picture below. your help here is really appreciated.

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This may help you,please refer and also use realtime mysql database

Thanks for your reply, Currently i’m using realtime database. Is possibe that asterisk can make the uniqueid as primary key ?

No. The uniqueid is unique to the channel only, and there can be multiple CDRs created for a single channel.

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