Same UniqueID for mutiple calls

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I have Asterisk server with Version 16.1.1 - I am facing an issue as getting the same UniqueID for multiple calls in CDR.

Below is my call pattern.

I am sending 1st call using AMI to A Party. Once the A party answered the call am sending the call to B party using DIal- Both calls have the same Channel and UniqueID.

Please find below CDR entry for the First call.

“12615”,“123456789”,“s”,“default_call_originate”,""""" <123456789>",“SIP/voda-sip-trunk-00000130”,“SIP/TATA-TMsip-trunk-00000168”,“Dial”,“SIP/TATA-TMsip-trunk/09988776655,30000,tTH”,“2020-04-30 09:02:36”,“2020-04-30 09:02:36”,“2020-04-30 09:03:02”,25,25,“NO ANSWER”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“Server-1588217538.785”,""

Please find below CDR entry for the Second call

“12615”,“123456789”,“s”,“default_call_originate”,""""" <123456789>",“SIP/voda-sip-trunk-00000130”,"",“Hangup”,"",“2020-04-30 09:03:06”,“2020-04-30 09:03:06”,“2020-04-30 09:03:06”,0,0,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“server-1588217538.785”,""

Can someone help on this ?

You’d need to provide the console output as well, but it’s the same channel, so the same uniqueid. As well in 16 there may be multiple CDR entries for a single call.

Presently.i don’t have the logs. I only have the CDR details.

is there any other option. Where in my condition , first call from AMI and second cal is from DIAL. Is there any option , whrere i can differnt uniqueID ?

No, because the CDR entry is in relation to the same channel. The same channel, the same uniqueid.

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