Multiple outbound registration problem in Astersik 13.13 with PJSIP

I am getting issue in SIP outbound registration

pjsip show regsitrations
PROVIDER/sip: PROVIDER_auth Registered
PROVIDER2/sip: PROVIDER2_auth Rejected

[Sep 15 03:51:04] WARNING[17374]: res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c:881 handle_registration_response: Fatal response ‘403’ received from ‘sip:’ on registration attempt to ‘sip:’, stopping outbound registration

Below is my pjsip configuration

type = registration
server_uri = sip:
client_uri = sip:
contact_user = 123456
outbound_auth = PROVIDER_auth

type = auth
username = user
password = pass123

type = registration
server_uri = sip:
client_uri = sip:
contact_user = 98765
outbound_auth = PROVIDER2_auth

type = auth
username = user2
password = pass123

What does the provider expect you to send. They are saying that, as far as they are concerned, you are an impostor.

The way we use to do in sip.conf

register => username:secret@host/callbackextension

How to do this in pjsip?

The way you have configured it is how you do it. You would need to ask your provider why they are rejecting the second registration.

Ok… Thanks, I will co-ordinate

Hi Jcolp,

It is working as expected…there were some issues on provider side.

Great Thanks :slight_smile: