New Asterisk Setup - Two Locations


We have two small offices around 200kms apart. Both are connected with fibre to the premises.

OfficeA uses the network and OfficeB uses

We plan to connect the two offices via a VPN tunnel router to router

We want to set up Asterisk (server in OfficeA) so that calls coming in on a dedicated VoIP number ring at designated handsets in both offices. Additionally we will use the IP phones for inter-office comms.

In addition to the Asterisk server, we have access to:

6 x Yealink handsets
1 x Patton SmartNode 4114 VoIP Media Gateway
1 x Portech MV-372 VoIP GSM Gateway

My business partner and I have been involved in IT for more than 30 years each but this is our first foray into Asterisk.

Can anyone offer any advice as to the best way to start to set this all up so we can achieve our goals?



What kind of advice do you need, the setup is clear an not complicated…

For the in and outs of Asterisk you should read the book Future of Telephony by Jim Van Meggelen, Jared Smith and Leif Madsen.

That book is the best starting point…

Good luck.

This sounds like a pretty easy setup, I agree that you could start with the Asterisk Book as a starting point or either of the sample configurations that come with the Asterisk source.

When compiling if you do a ‘make basic-pbx’ or ‘make samples’ you will have your /etc/asterisk directory populated with some configuration files that are well documented.

I’d start by setting up two phones and the dialplan needed to have them talk to each other.

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