Multiple lines on Aastra 480i & type=peer

Hi there,

I’m trying set up the BLF on an Aastra 480i phone. I know it requires call-limit to be enable, and for that to work you have to be set up in sip.conf as type=peer or the show hints will always show idle. Now my problem is that every phone has a minimum of 3 different extension, and since type=peer matches by ip address, they all come from the same ip address (same phone), therefore always showing like the last config from sip.conf is calling. I tried to have two entries, one type=peer and one type=user, which corrected this problem, but the BLF did not work for incoming calls, only for outgoing…

Anyone has any idea how I could make this work?

Thanks! :smile:

You can have multiple devices for one hint, as in: -

not sure if this helps, but it might.

Hi there,

No this doesn’t help me because I do not want multiple devices on one hint, I have multiple extension on one sip phones… and this is causing the authentication problems, if I use type=peer without the type=user, it doesn,t matter which extension I use on my phone, it’s always the same one that asterisk sees. And if I use type=user, then my hints don’t work anymore…