Configuring SIP with type peer entries

Hi all,

First: I hope to explain my issues correctly then I make my apologies to moderator if this issues have been posted by other users… I have tried to find similar topics but didn’t find it.

I would install in my system an IP phone GX2000 with BLF extension. I have tried it but I have some problem with my configuration in wich all VoIP users are signup as type ‘friend’. Asterisk don’t relay changes on ‘hint’ extensions if the channel is not configured as ‘peer’.

So, as writed by Kevin Flaming, with newer version of Asterisk the concept of SIP ‘users’ will be phased out and we can use ‘type=peer’ for everything and the behavior will be much more consistent. Thus my configuration with only peer entries is OK.
In reality this model fail if I have more then one VoIP users that use the same VoIP terminal with different account (peer with same IP). When Asterisk receive an INVITE it check for IP address but how does it know what is the right account?

Using type user was more suitable.

Tanks for now. Regards