Multiple Instances

Hi Everyone,

Its been a few years since I’ve played with Asterisk and Free PBX but I’m wanting to set up a “play” phone system - I’ve done this bit before. What I’m wondering is it possible to create and run, simultaneously, multiple instances possibly in a cloud based / containerised server envrionment? The instances would need to be completely independant.

Any thoughts and opionions would be great!


You can run multiple instances of Asterisk, itself, quite easily, and without any virtualisation. You simply need to specify an alterrnative to asterisk.conf on the command line when starting it. I’ve done it, in the past, for creating testing enviroments on one machine, where Asterisk was stanidng in for a non-Asterisk system that was accessible to us developers.

I would be surprised if it was easy to to this with FreePBX, though.


Thanks for your reply David

That’s very useful to know! :+1: I’ll have a play with the conf files and see where we get too!

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