Multiple Instances of Flash Operator Panel

Let’s say I have 3 companies all with their own seperate phone system, but all are running off the same asterisk server. No problem, just have a context for each company. What about the Flash Operator Panel? I want to have one for each company, but I want all 3 panels to run off one server. Is this possible? I would say create 3 different directories, 1 for each company, each with their own config files, however there is only one op_server daemen. Has anyone done this before?


I have never done it but it seems you would have to create three seperate directories and then rename the files that run in the diff. directories and run them.

in the later version of FOP you can create a panel for different contexts (not really to be confused with Asterisk contexts) and use your config files and a different URL to produce the output you want.

i’ve never tried using multiple instances of FOP, but IIRC at the very least you’ll need a range of port numbers, 1 for each instance.