* with Flash Operator Panel

hello all
i’m trying to configure the Flash Operator Panel to work with asterisk
setting it up went well, i configured it to point to the local loop since i have both asterisk and FOP on the same machine, but i’m encountering a problem when starting the FOP server… the connection is established with asterisk, but for certain commands asterisk is denying access, the commands’ IDs sent by FOP server are: -> ActionID: parkedcalls -> ActionID: meetme_10 -> ActionID: astdb-DND-SIP/left -> Command: sip show peers -> ActionID: iaxpeers -> ActionID: sccppeers

for all the above, asterisk returns the following response: <- Response: Error <- ActionID: sccppeers ;of course the action ID in the response isn’t the same for every command <- Message: Permission denied <- Server: 0

any idea what could be going wrong?
note that FOP was able to retrieve sip peer information without errors. i also state that i will only be using the sip channels