RE: Flash Operator Panel

I’m still having the FOP panel the webpage cannot be found. I installed the asterisk from scratch using Debian linux OS. But I install another machine which using asteriskNow the is no issue.

Hope some asterisk master can help on my problem.

Thank you

am i missing something here? where is the original message ??

You not missing the message. This is not the first time I post this issue. But still haven’t solve it since day one I installed the asterisk. Please help.

you need to post your question with any relevant information and not some reply like this.

when you do a clean install of asterisk it does not contain fop you need to install it, it’s a addon you can install on your box.

i had follow the instruction to run the installation for FOP panel but still can’t get the page working. When I run the ./ from command line error can’t listen to port 4445

you need to read all steps
you need to configure manager.conf
and enable the manager that’s your error

you need to install a webserver

and you need to copy the needed files to your webserver directory