Multiple extensions

looking for help on creatin multiple of the same extension. eg two extension 200 groups each seperate from each other not able to access each other.

Can you tell me what you are are trying to do as this may help in finding a solution.

I am trying to handle multiple tenants.


Simple, Each tenant is in their own context. then you only include contexts that they are allowed to access to.


so if i crate a context 1 and put ext 200, 201, 202, etc. and then a context 2 I can also have ext 200,201,202, etc.?

Yep, You have to think carefully but yes thats basicy it


Yes you’ve probably opened up more questions than answers.


i am having trouble getting the softphone to register. I have setup two ext 200 but only one will register. the other gives me a bad auth wrong password. I have managed to disalow one set of extensions to call another so im getting closer.

how can i get the phones to register with the same ext but different passwords?