Multiple entries in cdr logging for busy / missed calls

I apologise in advance if this has been answered elsewhere, but after a search of both google and numerous forums, I was unable to find a solution (may be that all the search terms involved are fairly generic, making it rather a difficult prospect).

As stated in the topic, whenever a call is missed or unable to go through due to being busy, the cdr logging logs multiple entries (sometimes upwards of 2 pages). Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions?

If you require any config files to be dumped to help resolve this, just let me know.

Regards. :smiley:

I dont know if this has to do with it but some times I have had where asterisk did not get the “signal” that the call was dropped at the other end. In the CLI you will see the call “looping” (if you have it set to do that). See if that is happening in your case.

Thanks for the reply, Dovid, but this doesn’t appear to be the case as there are no signs of looping.

Anyone else?