Distributed call queue and Remedy integration

I’m looking for information regarding how a distributed call queue (with two call centers that are geographically distant) might be set up with Asterisk. I’m going through Asterisk: The Definitive Guide right now and see there’s a queue module to do ACD at one call center. How could I have two queues which are load-balanced?

Additionally, I’m wondering if Asterisk can be integrated with Remedy Service Desk, or if packages exist to do so, or how that might work.


For the load balancing, you could write dialplan instructions store information in the Asterisk database as to either how many calls are in a queue or which was the last queue you sent a call to, depending on if you want to load balance based on capacity or simply round-robin the calls.

For the Remedy integration, I don’t have an exact answer for that, but Asterisk can make calls to external programs as part of the dialplan or you could build a gateway of somesort between Remedy using the Asterisk Manager Interface.