Multiline phone acting like a single line phone

I hope someone will be able to help me out here. The phone I have is:

Aastra 480i CT

This phone has 4 line appearance buttons along the bottom, which work perfectly fine if I am making outgoing calls from this phone. (ie. I can make a call on line 1, put it on hold, make a call on line 2, put it on hold, etc. etc.).

The problem is as follows:

If I have an incoming call to my system at (555-1234), the caller will hear a message ‘thank you for calling, blah blah blah’, and get hold music while the phone rings. This is as expected.

However, once I pick up that call, if someone else calls me at the same time, what I would like to have happen is for the phone to do something (preferrably RING) to let me know that there is another call coming in. So far the best I’ve been able to do is have it start ringing once the previous call has ended or been switched to another extension.

I’m using Asterisk@Home, and I know that someone else must have tried to do this too… So perhaps someone out there can help me out :smile:

Also - even if a call is placed on hold, if I try to make an internal call to that phone, I just get a busy signal.

(ie. main phone is ext 200, it has one call placed on hold. I call ext 200 from ext 201, I will get a busy signal)

And just for further clairification, this person has the same problem, and a half solution that I couldn’t get to work:

I think all you have to do to make it work is activate call waiting. If I am correct you dial *71 and it should work.