Multi Line Multi Appearance Phones?

I have an issue that seems to have no answer or I have not found it?
Multi Line Multi Appearance Phones??

I have a IP PBX running the Asterisk@home Asterisk and FreePBX Administration 2.0.1…

Phones wise I have 2 Linksys SPA942’s and 1 Aastra 480i w/ the cordless handset…

I have 3 separate phone lines from broadvoice…

What I want to do is set them up w/ the same 3 extensions on all 3 phones…

201 = # xxx-xxxx
202 = # xxx-xxxx
203 = # xxx-xxxx

So that when a call comes in all the phones ring on the extension that it comes in… If someone is on say 201 and a call comes in they can put 201 on hold pick 202 put 202 on hold or transfer it then go back to the call on 201 etc. etc…

But the main problem is right now only one phone will register at a time sine they are using the same login information… otherwise I would have to make 9 extensions and then the tranfering does not work right… it is just to confusing really??

Any ideas???

OK, so I’m not 100% sure what you want to do, but this might give you an idea:

You could make two extensions “appear” to be the same extension by setting up “follow me” in freepbx (you say you’re using A@H) and selecting the “ring all” option. That is, even though you have nine different extensions, you only appear to have three because you group them together in threes… so you only need to remember 3 extensions (the other ones are like ghost extensions).

Does that help?

This sounds like shared line appearance. If it is A@H, FreePBX, etc do not support this feature. This is only supported on 1.4 and later. I know what you mean and I have also tried it on * 1.2, it never worked even though all the phones register to the same extension(s) only the primary phone would ring at any call.