Call Waiting is busy

i tried to find information on call waiting, but I’m not able to make it work. On my analog line, if I don’t use Asterisk, when I’m on the phone with someone, somebody else could call me and it ring to him like if my line was not busy. I hear a beep and I could switch line.

With Asterisk on my analog line. If I’m on the phone and somebody else call me, Asterisk don’t even answer cause the person got a busy line. I was hopping that Asterisk answer the phone call and redirect it to me. Maybe I’m wrong cause I’m very new to all this. Do I need a second line to do this, or a call waiting options on my analog phone provider is ok? If yes, how can I do?

I use AsteriskNOW with a x100p FXO PCI card. I should receive the FXS box soon, so for now people all go into the voicemail and it’s ok for now.

Sorry for my english.

Nobody? I could put more information if you need somes to understand my question :smile:

The x100p card is just a one line card so it is (afaik) technically not possible to receive more then one incoming call. The busy tone is the busy tone provided by your anolog telephony provider.

If you use a sip/iax trunk with more then one line, more then one anaolog line or isdn2/30 Asterisk is capable of handling more then one incoming line.

Sorry, maybe I go wrong. I donét have two lines, but a waiting line. With two line, two people could be on the phone at the same time. With a waiting line, I could have someone waiting on the line while I speak to another one. I could make the switch between the two, but I can’t talk to the two person at the same time.

Sorry for my bad explication… Is it more clear?

To be able to switch between 2 lines you really need 2 lines while the x100p just provide 1 line. With a x100p card this is not going to work.