Music on hold

I am using asyerisk 1.2.1 and format_mp3 to support mp3 files . It plays mp3 file but voice quality is not good . some voice packets are droped . Even wav and gms sounds are not good in moh .

I found that moh works better with the native player not mpg123. You will have to install the * add-ons for this. Once I did this, my moh started working perfectly. Check the wiki on for more info on this.


I have installed module from asterisk-addon but it’s not working in case of moh but if I playback same mp3 file it sounds good .

it’s working but sound quality is not good , there is no mpg123 player in my system

did you reconfigure your musiconhold.conf? … nhold.conf

i have configured musiconhold.conf and i am getting sound.

ny musiconhold.conf is

random =>yes


I am using test class to play music on hold

It will also depend on the quality of your MP3 files. I have a huge collection of MP3’s and while all of them will play perfectly through Windows Media Player or WinAmp, some of these same songs will get chirppy when played through *'s moh. I had to listen to the playback quality of the songs and then chose the ones with the best clarity as my moh library.


quality of mp3 songs is good . I have checked with XMMS @ linux.

Now it’s working fine on windows plateform with SJ softphone

Every time I put someone on hold, the MOH plays the first song from the start. I read the article on voip-info but I don’t understand how to change this.

Is there a different player I have to install? If so, what, where, and how?